Nokia 2780 Flip Phone launched

Nokia launched its new flip phone, but it’s surprising that it is not a smartphone. The Nokia 2780 flip phone is a clamshell model without the touch screen or Android. On the other hand, it is disclosed that the phone is supporting WhatsApp and FM radio. The phone is with USB-C type charging and an audio jack. This inexpensive phone is available with a removable battery and compact size.

Nokia 2780 Flip Phone Features

Nokia 2780 flip phone red
credit: Nokia

The latest Nokia 2780 Flip phone has featured a display on the inside and outside, the screen sizes are 2.7-inch and a 1.77-inch respectively. if talk about the camera, it has a 5 MP camera on the back side with a flashlight. For connectivity, it comes with Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, GPs, and a Headphone jack. For charging USB-C type charging port support. The Nokia 2780 flip phone uses the Qualcomm 215 platform, coupled with 4GB RAM and up to 32GB of expandable storage. This device does not support Android, it runs on the KaiOs platform. It has regular sim support as GSM SIM, the phone only supports a 4G connectivity network. The features are listed on Nokia’s official website.

Nokia 2780 Flip Key Specification

  • Display : 2.7 inch
  • Rear camera:5 MP Main FF
  • Battery & charging : 1450 mAh, SB-C Type
  • Memory & storage : Internal 512 MB and Ram 4GB
  • Operating System : KaiOS 3.1

Nokia 2780 Flip Phone Images

Nokia 2780 Flip Phone Price and Launch Date

Launch Date4 November 2022
Price$89.99 (Rs 7,320 approx)
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