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The Kerala Story Review: It is a visually stunning and emotionally gripping movie that takes viewers on a captivating journey through the vibrant culture and scenic view of Kerala. “The Kerala Story” Movie Directed by Sudipto Sen and creative producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah, the movie follows the lives of a diverse cast of characters as they navigate love, loss, and the complexities of modern life in this idyllic corner of India.

From the very beginning, it’s clear that “The Kerala Story” is a labor of love, with every frame beautifully shot and carefully composed to capture the essence of Kerala’s unique blend of tradition and modernity. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Kochi or the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey, each location is brought to life with an attention to detail that is truly impressive. But what really sets this movie apart is its cast of characters, each of whom is given the effort and hard work from the depth of heart and nuance necessary to truly resonate with viewers.

The Kerala Story Movie Cast and Info

MovieThe Kerala Story
Movie Type Action Drama 
Star CastAdah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Saniya Mir, Benedict Garrett, Eleena Koul, Siddhi Idnani, Pranay Pachauri, Bhavna Makhija, Chandra Shekhar Duttaa, Sonia Balani, Vijay Krishna, Usha Subramanian Saksena
DirectorUdipto Sen
ProducersVipul Amrutlal Shah
Music DirectorBishakhjyoti, and Viresh Sreevalsa
CinematographyPrasamtnu Mohapatra
EditorPreetam Naik
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu
Releases on5th May 2023

“The Kerla Story” Movie Story

Summary: “The Kerala Story” A movie about a girl who converted to Muslim women her named Fatima Ba narrates her ordeal of how she once wanted to become a nurse but was abducted from her home and manipulated by religious vanguards and turned into an ISIS terrorist and landed in Afghanistan jail and she also accepted that the 32,000 other Hindu women are changeling by the same treatment.

Story: The four girls become a roommate at the college hostel- Shalini, Gitanjali, Nimah, and Asifa, belonging to different religious backgrounds. However, Asifa, a Muslim, had a hidden agenda. She teamed up with two of her subordinates to manipulate the other three girls with extremist ideologies, such as women’s safety in public only with hijabs, Allah being the only savior, and other gods being weak. This manipulation went to an alarming level when the girls were attacked by unidentified men who stripped them in a mall.

To demonstrate the severity of the ideology, Sudipto Sen narrated horrifying incidents like a woman’s hand being chopped off for applying lipstick and another woman being killed by her husband for having a cell phone since Sharia law prohibits women from owning phones. The film also depicted the terrorist camp of Afghanistan where women were turned into sex slaves or suicide bombers or even shot.

The film’s storyline revolved around a pregnant woman who was trafficked to Afghanistan by ISIS, where her baby was snatched away by evil men. She managed to escape without her daughter but was caught by the Afghanistan authorities, where she shared her backstory. However, the authenticity of the events depicted in the film remained uncertain.

The Kerala Story Official Trailer

The Kerala story Movie Release date

The Kerala story Movie release date is on 5th May 2023 as confirmed, initially, the movie will be available in the Cinema hall only. The OTT platform is not confirmed yet to buy the rights.

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Overall, “The Kerala Story” is a movie that is well worth watching, if you’re a fan of Indian cinema or simply looking for a beautifully crafted and thought-provoking film. With its stunning visuals, memorable characters, and heartfelt message, it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

Despite being an engaging watch, the film left a question mark on the intelligence of the women who fell prey to such extremist ideologies. The film demanded the audience’s attention and emotional investment, leaving a strong impact on their minds.

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the-kerala-story-review-top-most-controversial-movie-that-are-trending The Kerala Story Movie Cast and Info MovieThe Kerala StoryMovie Type Action Drama Star CastAdah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Saniya Mir, Benedict Garrett, Eleena Koul, Siddhi Idnani, Pranay Pachauri, Bhavna Makhija, Chandra Shekhar Duttaa, Sonia Balani, Vijay Krishna, Usha Subramanian SaksenaDirectorUdipto SenProducersVipul Amrutlal ShahMusic DirectorBishakhjyoti, and Viresh...