About Us

What do we really do?

We Egadgetshunt.com is a one-stop information center for Technology news and media, We help our users research and decide for mobiles, laptops, computers, electronics, TV, audio, home appliances, etc. by giving them product information like news, reviews, best lists, with prices comparison, etc.

Our Vision

As the world is growing fast and changing with new technology, Our vision is to provide the latest information and news to our viewers and help to find the best gadgets in trading in markets.

History of Beginning

Egadgetshunt started in October 2020, we are 5 members of a team is committed to searching for the latest tech news and tech leaks in markets. We monetize our website through affiliate commissions and advertisements. We get affiliate commissions from top online retailers like Amazon, and Flipkart for sales generated through our leads.