complete YouTube Video Equipment List

YouTube has turned into the greatest and most famous stage for sharing video content on the web. It’s likewise an extraordinary way for individuals to communicate their originality, bring in some additional money, promote themselves or their business, and potentially even become an enormous “Web popular” superstar.

If you’re thinking about becoming an expert YouTuber, there are a few things you should set up -the most significant being your fundamental video equipment. Making quality YouTube videos isn’t as normal as it looks. Fortunately, you don’t have to have a great deal of technical knowledge to deliver the sort of content that individuals will enjoy watching, you basically need the right equipment.

Hence, in this article, we have suggested the complete detail of YouTube video equipment lists to start your YouTube journey.

Why do we need a complete YouTube Video Equipment set?

The Internet is the most ideal way these days to become a VIP. More individuals are attempting to make videos while they are at home. Indeed, even industries are attempting to connect with their clients through video publicizing on YouTube.

However, to make proficient videos needed the complete YouTube Video Equipment set to create a quality video to get more views. Also, having a complete set of equipment and editing software will increase the creating productivity with the top level of video quality.

Why we should start working with YouTube?

YouTube is a great place to promote your business (with little cost)) and also sharing video content on the internet. For promoting business, this is a good way to get to run constant information on new products to the new peoples and same people.

If you are creating videos (like vlogs, music, etc), this is the best way to reach the public in a short time at no cost. Once you reached 4000 hrs with 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can able to earn money.  This is also the best place to earn extra money by being in your home.

The complete YouTube Video creating the Equipment kit list

1. Camera

DSLR camera for youtube video

Recording video in HD or 4k is not possible without the best camera for youtube, thus, select the suitable camera for recording studio or outdoor setup.

Compact Digital Cameras:

The compact digital camera is mainly designed for vloggers with min weight construction that creates it easy to carry around for long periods and a compact body that lets you store it in a small bag.

Digital SLR Cameras:

DSLRs are favored among YouTubers for their great outcomes. Their versatility in low light circumstances and cleaned video recording quality are only a portion of the primary motivations behind why they are a phenomenal decision for making YouTube content. However, they are expensive, DSLRs are good for videography and photography.

Mirrorless Cameras:

Mirrorless cameras have turned into the most well-known sort of camera for both video makers and photographers because of their capacity to shoot like a DSLR, yet with a basically lighter and small body. While you can utilize these for recording videos at home, they’re likewise extraordinary if you want a camera for vlogging while moving or walking around.

Action Cameras:

Action cameras are compact and versatile. They are the most ideal for gutsy photographic artists and videographers who need to catch first-individual POVs of their movements or outrageous sports adventures. We can make the highest quality videos by using this camera.

360 Cameras:

Among the most recent gear on the market, today’s 360 cameras are little, convenient innovation that allows clients to take 360-degree pictures and recordings.

2. Microphone

best mic for YouTuber

Microphones are obviously essential for recording clear voice for youtube videos, there are various types of mics is available in the market, but to understand the purpose of recording voice, it could be used for comedy, tutorials, entertainment, or news blogs.

USB Microphone:                                                                

USB microphones have gone from being absolutely original to be one of the standard picks for YouTubers. These kinds of mics have procured their spot due to their convenience and sound quality along with their adaptability and moderateness.

Condenser microphone:

The condenser microphone needn’t a pre-amp and permits self-monitoring through its understood earphone jack with volume control. It additionally offers mix control to permit you to blend your mic sound with pre-recorded sound.

Shotgun Microphone:

Shotgun microphones are a famous, great choice for video recording with a little, proficient camera. They’re now made with shock bases that assist with decreasing noise that comes from mechanical vibrations around the mic. Also, it has the capacity to focus on catching clear sounds and vocals straightforwardly before it, so it doesn’t get a ton of surrounding sounds on the sides and behind the mic, in any event, while recording outsides.

Lapel Microphone:

This is also known as a lapel mic, a lavalier mic is remote and can be prudently clipped onto your garments or belt. It arrives in a set that incorporates the transmitter, to which the label is associated, and the receiver, which can get the sign from the transmitter even from huge lengths.

3. Tripod or Gimbal Stabilizer

tripod with DSLR camera

Unstable footage is an impossibility for proficient video creation as it can divert your observers or make them faint. Tripods and gimbal stabilizers are incredible devices for settling your photographs and videos. Contingent upon how you will record your video, you can pick either of them to build the creation worth of your YouTube recordings.


Tripod is generally the cheapest option. Depending on the weight of your camera setup, its are able to do pretty well. Though, we suggest you to buy always sturdy, more reliable that can long last and confirm the safety of your equipment.

Gimbal Stabilizer:

Gimbals are specific stabilizers that are worked with motors to painstakingly adjust your camera and smoothen out your videos, even if you deliberately make huge and unexpected movements. This is especially useful for YouTubers who are utilizing lightweight cameras like GoPros and are continually moving.

The important point to be considered during buying a tripod 


Tripods range in size from mini tripods that fit in your pocket, travel tripods that are ideally suited for a camera bag, and expert studio tripods able to do safely support the heaviest expert cameras.

Thus, ensure you purchase the right size tripod for your requirements. Never purchase a big tripod that you will carry. But always purchase the sturdiest one. If you intend to involve your tripod in a studio or at home, a strong one might be your favored decision.


The weight of a tripod plays a vital aspect to consider if you will be carrying your tripod. Along with size, weight is influenced by what material the tripod is made of.

Mostly Carbon Fiber material is preferred by outdoor and traveling photographers since it is the sturdiest and brightest material for tripod legs. Similarly, Aluminium tripods are sturdy and lightweight, whereas bit bulky is cheap than carbon fiber.


A quality tripod has safe connections at all joints and is made of strong materials that do not bend. Quality in both plan and materials are crucial.

Camera Type, Size & Weight:

Match your tripod to the type of camera also the size of equipment that you used for the best results. Also, Consider that video camera tripods are particular and desire extra weight volume and steadiness.

Additional features:

Tripods may have many various features that improve the worth of certain types of shooting.  Center columns can enhance height to tripods and among the Manfrotto 055 series or 190 range may also be used horizontally in some tripods.

The type of leg locks may differ on tripod models some prefer QPL Travel lever locks whereas others like the lightweight twist style M-Lock. 

Also, a study on the removable leg rapidly changes into a monopod as found in the Befree 2N1.

Type of tripod head:

Consider the type of tripod head that will best be apt for your needs, type of photography, and equipment. You can choose a kit that combines a specific type of tripod head paired with an apt set of tripod legs. 

Normal types of tripod heads are Ball Heads, 3-Way Heads, 2-Way Heads, Geared Heads, and Fluid Video Heads.

4. Lighting

Ring light for youtube  video create

Lighting gear is fundamental if you’re mainly recording inside and in dimly lit regions. Let’s discuss the types of lighting equipment below,


Softboxes can copy the regular, delicate lighting from a window. This is because of the white dissemination panel that diffuses and diminishes the force of harsh, direct light. This sort of lighting gear is great to add lighting without creating harsh shadows for a scene.

Umbrella Light:

Umbrella lights are an economical and versatile solution for video producers who need delicate lighting. It makes more controlled lighting as the light gets reflected from the silver inside layer of the umbrella. It doesn’t have a diffusing sheet, yet it can cover an extensive piece of the room. They’re great for sceneries and on-the-spot shoots.

Ring light:

Ring lights are number one among vloggers. While its ring shape discharges light overall around a subject, it kills shadows from each direction, making anyone look more appealing before the camera.

On-Camera lighting:

On-camera lights give consistent lighting and can be mounted on cameras. These can be incredible for recording particular kinds of recordings like wedding videos, story channels, or YouTube content that affects individuals and dimly lit areas.

YouTube light buying guide


Cost is the main thought, particularly if you buy a ring light. You can avail yourself of the various prices goes from various merchants in the commercial center, think about them, and afterward, pick the one you like best.


LED ring lights are in different sizes ranging from 8 to 18 inches. Buy small ring light, if you just want to take selfies using a phone, DSLR camera. Yet confirm that it clips on your device suitably, has amount, and is big sufficient for the device inside to install it.

Similarly, to shoot videos, you can buy big ring light with brightness abilities.

Color Temp and brightness:

Search for a ring light that has various lighting modes with changeable brightness. Also, You ought to choose a light that gives a dimmer button hence you can control the brightness according to your comfort.

Power source:

We recommend you purchase a ring light that gives a long-lasting battery for a smooth and hassle-free process.


For a smooth and light movement, we suggest you opt for a ring light that is light in weight.

Availability of spare parts:

check if you get any spare parts while purchasing the ring light as it very well may be useful later on. Too, check the guarantee and the quality of these spare parts.


A gooseneck is an extra factor that permits the ring light to bend however much you need. It ends up being an extremely helpful element for some users.


LED ring lights accompany a guarantee for a specific period. Some manufacturers even have substitution policies, for damaged products. Though, the guarantee offered changes from one retailer to another, and consequently, check it appropriately prior to purchasing.

5. Video Editing Software

best video editing youtube

When you’ve received all the equipment you really want, you’ll likewise need to find decent video editing software for post-production. YouTube has its own video editor, yet it would be incredible to have your own software so you have more opportunities to alter your video as you would prefer. best youtube editing software like KINE MASTER, VSDC editor, etc.

Gathering Speed:

YouTube Videos editing is one of the most computing-intensive activities, so you need the best high-speed laptop to process fast editing activity. Most applications help speed up the editing process by creating a proxy file of lower resolution so that normal editing and previewing aren’t slowed down by huge full-resolution files.

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The bottom Line

Thus, we have suggested the complete YouTube video equipment lists in this article. From this guide, you can get ideas of why we should start working with YouTube, how to get the perfect types of equipment for starting YouTube, and buying guides on YouTube video equipment. So, by using this complete guide, start your YouTube journey to enjoy your passion or to promote your business with ease and get extra income as well thru it.