How to open whatsapp in Pc

Well, WhatsApp is available for PC and Mobile phone devices, If you are searching for how to open Whatsapp messages on a PC or laptop, then read this step-by-step guide. However, WhatsApp messenger is free to use, It’s not just for sending messages, it can perform other tasks like video calls, voice calls, sending text messages, and sharing images, documents, and user location. Two million-plus active users worldwide use the WhatsApp service. The good news is that now you can enjoy WhatsApp service can be used by PC or MAC browser. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum former employees of Yahoo. Know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Here you get the freedom of the user, to update their status in their profile, and share happiness with their family and co-relatives at a particular function and calibration.

How to WhatsApp in Pc or laptop?

Whatsapp is now available with your pc, laptop, and MacBook, which is possible by two methods that are WhatsApp web service and the WhatsApp Desktop application.

1. Open Whatsapp In Web Browser

Open WhatsApp massages in a web browser are quite simple steps to follow, And you can access the chat section on your laptop. Here is the process to go and view WhatsApp in a web browser on a PC or Laptop.

  • Connect your system to the internet and open a web browser.
  • Tap on search art and type
  • Now Whatsapp web will be showing a QR code.
WhatsApp web page login
  • Also, open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone, tap the three dots at the top right, and choose the WhatsApp web option available.
  • On an iPhone, open WhatsApp, tap the settings icon at the bottom left available and choose WhatsApp web/desktop option.
  • Here now it will ask for a scan QR code, by using your smartphone’s camera to scan the QR code visible in your computer’s web browser.
  • Now scan the QR code by pointing your phone camera at the computer screen wait a few seconds then your messages will automatically to the desktop screen.
  • Now you can experience desktop WhatsApp by sending messages and photos or more by keyboard and mouse use.
  • For logging out from your PC you can do it by tapping the three dots icon or from the notification bar by choosing the logout option.

2. Download WhatsApp app on your Windows or Mac devices

Whatsapp app is available for windows and Mac user, without browsing the whatsapp web service yu can log in in in your PC and laptop. eader must note that the whatsapp only can installed on Windows computer if the operating system is Windows 8.1 (or higher) or Mac OSX 10.9 (or newer). Here is how you can download the app.

Download WhatsApp app on your Windows or Mac devices
  • Open any internet browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge on your PC or Laptop.
  • Copy and paste this URL -
    From here, click on download for Windows (64-Bit).
  • Download it by clicking on getting it for your Pc.
  • Find the file in the download section, and double click on it, Install it on your PC or MAC.
  • Now start the WhatsApp desktop application on your PC or MAC and then process it the same as above for the browser.
  • Here the app will remain logged into WhatsApp until you choose to log out option.

FAQ related to how to open Whatsapp on a PC or Laptop

How to open WhatsApp on pc or Laptop?

There are two ways to open WhatsApp on your PC or laptop, the first is open WhatsApp in a web browser and the second is a desktop application. Whatsapp application is not required every time you login. You can directly download the application from micro soft.

How can I open my WhatsApp on my computer?

yes! you can open Whatsapp in two ways.
1. Download the Whatsapp Pc application.
2. Open the web browser.