WhatsApp Update

Whatsapp is one of the popular messenger platforms woned by Meta, Meta working gives the best experience to users in terms of use and safety. There is a regular new update on Whatsapp, but this time WhatsApp is coming number of major updates to make a better massaging platform. most update is related to sending messages and media files.

1. WhatsApp users may soon be able to edit messages after sending

A new important feature that is coming soon, is that the users can edit the message after sending it. This feature will help users in correction if required.

2. The group participants limit increased by 1024

Now the group participants limit is increased to 1024 members, this feature is available for beta version soon.

3. Screenshot blocking

In terms of safety, Whatsapp is disallowing taking screenshots of chats of users. this is also available in beta version and can be downloaded from the play store.

4. Share documents with the caption

The caption option will be available soon for WhatsApp users when someone sends any media file the caption will get enabled to edit.

5. WhatsApp Premium Subscription

The premium subscription will be available for some business use, although the price has not been revealed yet for public use.