Gaming Keyboards Under 2000

Your Gaming arrangement isn’t ended until you get a decent quality keyboard, as the name suggests Keyboard plays a significant ‘Key’ job in your performance. Assuming you are a hard-core gamer or an enthusiastic desktop user, your arrangement is inadequate without a top-notch keyboard.

If you are a hard-core gamer, you will generally spend around 6-7 hours on your work area, these superior keyboards make it more straightforward on all fours to work around the keyboard serenely and make a generally better feel for you.

If you are searching for an entry-level Gaming Keyboard that suits your gaming arrangement and your necessities, these are the correct details you would have to choose which one fits the best for you. Here is a list of the top 10 gaming keyboards available under a budget of Rs 2,000.

List of Best Gaming Keyboards under buy 2000

Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 Galactic WiredCheck Price
Redgear Shadow Blade MechanicalCheck Price
Zebronics Zeb-Transformer KeyboardCheck Price
Quantum QHM9800 Rapid StrikeCheck Price
HP GK100 Wired RGM BacklitCheck Price
HP KM300F Wired Gaming KeyboardCheck Price
Dell Wireless Keyboard and MouseCheck Price
Redragon Dyaus K509 Semi MechanicalCheck Price
Ant Esports KM500W Gaming KeyboardCheck Price
TAG GAMERZ Gaming keyboardCheck Price

1Cosmic Byte CB-GK-06 Galactic Wired

Check Price

The Cosmic Byte Galactic Gaming Keyboard comes with well-crafted keycaps with an amazing grip. It also sports scratch-resistant keys, with a 10m keystroke life and a detachable wrist rest pad for further convenience. 19 key anti-ghosting avoids your delayed response and confirms your gaming inputs are accurate. Multi-media hotkeys retain your gaming workflow smooth, lag-free, and continuous, thus you can improve your gaming experience.

Braided cable protects the cable from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and rise the cable’s flex life and motorized strength. 1.6 meters long braided cable with a USB line rounds off the Galactic keyboard’s key qualities. 4 levels of backlight brightness and 9 RGB backlighting effects improve your gaming to the next level. Also, Sonic Spectrum Sound Reactive LEDs create your Keyboard light to respond to the sound in the room. This sleek & slim keyboard is made on an aluminum body which makes it robust, and also gives you a definitive gaming experience.

2Redgear Shadow Blade Mechanical

Check Price

Redgear Shadow blade comes with mechanical Blue Clicky Switches which provide you a tangible response to it. It likewise assists with gaming speed by lessening the energies desired to push the keys the entire way through and gives a 100 percent typing speed reward. It has a 22 Spectrum LED Mode for the day and furthermore for the evening. You can change the LED according to your prerequisite. With its Windows Key Lock, you can play for extended periods of time without any issue or interference.

The floating keycaps are impeccably positioned which gives a clicky sound and precise outcomes each time you click. Its ergonomic plan assists distance with each compelling laid on it while utilizing it. Shadow Blade keyboard is likewise outfitted with a Control Knob that assists you with controlling your media i.e., play/delay and volume control. Also, Driver customization through this Redgear garage.

3Zebronics Zeb-Transformer Keyboard

Check Price

Zebronics Zeb-transformer keyboard and mouse accompanies different features like disable windows key and mouse has high responsiveness with 3200DPI which are assists you to play gaming better. A transformer keyboard accompanies illuminated LED lights to enhance your gaming revolution. You can choose any LED light mode from the 4 accessible modes, including a one-off mode.

The transformer keyboard and mouse come with comfort design to play hassle-free gaming. The keyboard accompanies an aluminum body and the mouse has a solid and ergonomic design which is made on good build quality with a metal plate at the lowermost. Moreover, Both the keyboard and mouse accompany a lengthy braided cable with a top-quality USB connector.

4Quantum QHM9800 Rapid Strike

Check Price

Quantum QHM9800 gaming wired keyboard features Plug & Play keys which we can connect immediately with the steady transmission that eliminates any possibility of lags occurring. The LED-backlit keyboard lets multi-key work concurrently with high speed, you never miss a solitary key-press in any situation. It defends against any accidental spills and accidental water squishes which creates it a safe bet for daily usage.

It has hot-swappable B23 switches with full key rollover. Also, 6 LED RGB Colours with 12 adaptable light modes deliver rhythmic light effects. The heavy-duty mechanical keyboard is made up of strong materials, also it is fully set up with Tactile key bumps which are optimal for gaming, deliver great feedback while typing and you get to be aware of the sound of your keystrokes are getting logged.

5HP GK100 Wired RGM Backlit

Check Price

HP GK100 Wired Gaming keyboard features Black Color Keyboard with a rainbow backlight which is made up of a metal panel, it is wear-resistant and fading. It includes 104 keys US layout with a rainbow backlight which gives you a striking outlook. Arc form keyboard design brings a convenient space to your wrist, and Keycaps through Double Injection Technology Wear-resistant and sturdy, and does not disappear.s

By keyboard stand, you can change the keyboard tilt direction to apt the desires of various gamers.  The special golden interaction is high pitch trigger, short return time, outstanding feel feedback, and quicker consistent speed for expert gamers. Also, this keyboard has a Uniform backlight with modified keyboard illumination effects.

6HP KM300F Wired Gaming Keyboard

Check Price

HP KM300F wired gaming keyboard has Standard Membrane Backlit Keyboard, Metal panel with an elective 2 LEDs logo lighting, and 3 LED indicators. It is a completely fashionable design, combined metal panel, corrosion-free, and scratch-resistant too. The end of this wired keyboard is cool and colorful, the relating gear color streaks when DPI is changed, and the double mode switch DPI key frequently changes 3S to switch office/game mode.

7Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Check Price

Dell wireless keyboard features long-lasting batteries, spill-resistant, anti-fade keys which can improve your working day experience. It brings effectiveness to your system with quick access, software keys, and a fitting number pad, 1000 DPI mouse sensitivity creates easy navigating your system with its 3 keys and scroll wheel.

Also, it offers 36 months for the keyboard and the mouse clocks in at a remarkable 18 months. Difficult testing confirms it works effortlessly with your Dell system. From the spill protection to the anti-blurring keycaps to the slant legs for adaptable typing positions, we have put thought into all aspects of the plan. 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard on your keyboard gives a secure connection and aids shield the transmission of information across your system.

8Redragon Dyaus K509 Semi Mechanical

Check Price

Redragon Dyaus semi-mechanical Gaming Keyboard has 104 quiet keys which are for permanency, toughness, and reaction. Also, it features a solid Aircraft-grade Aluminium and ABS construction with dual-shot injection molded keycaps. These keys give less resistance with a mechanical keyboard experience and a short key journey, need fewer work to type, but offer exact tactile feedback for a Perfect Gaming Performance.

It has 7 diverse colors (Blue, Green, Red, Cyan, Yellow, Purple, White, OFF), 4 backlight brightness levels, and modifiable breathing speed. It is designed to survive a normal liquid spill. Regardless of how long you type or how serious your gaming long-distance races are, you are relaxed all of the time.

Moreover, this has 25 Struggle Free (n-Key Rollover), and 11 multimedia keys. This keyboard accompanies an Occupied numeric keypad and a rust-free USB connector for a consistent connection.

9Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Keyboard

Check Price

Ant Esports KM500W rainbow backlit gaming keyboard and mouse with various colors takes you to the fanciful gaming world. The important lifespan of this keyboard can range from 50 million, which is double the normal keyboard, confirming the toughness. An Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor, 4 Adaptable DPI – 800/1600/2400/3200 dpi will help for your diverse requirements, 7 programmable key lets you design your individual mouse.

The keyboard is slip-resistant intended to prevent accidental water, and coffee splashing, and extend service life. This keyboard is well-matched with Win 2000/3/XP/Vista/Win7/8/10/Mac OS. Also, the Ant Esports KM500W keyboard accompanies the certificate from the World of Warship game. This combo of keyboard and mouse plan fits logically in your hand, also it is simple to use, just “plug and play.

10TAG GAMERZ Gaming keyboard

Check Price

If you need some genuine gaming done on your PC, the gaming mouse and keyboard combo AVENGER by GAMERZ the gaming series by the tag can assist with keeping you at top of your game particularly if you’re involved in competitive.

This keyboard includes 3 colors LED keyboard and all these floating keys intended for gaming, a Varying led light effect mouse and 1200/1600/2400/3200 DPI, likewise, these keys give Superior robustness compared to typical keyboard switches. TAG GAMERZ gaming combo KIT comes in 2 different Colours, hence you can pick according to your needs.

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The Bottom Line

We are at the conclusion of our article on the top 10 gaming keyboards under 2000. All the previously mentioned products are the best performing peripherals that will upgrade your gaming abilities.

Without no confusion, you can choose anyone from the above lists as we have well-researched about all these items. So, you won’t get unsuccessful to purchase any of these keyboards. Hence, smartly pick the best one for you according to your necessities.