best washing machine under 15000

Searching for the best washing machine, that is available for just under 15000? yes, if you are searching budget-friendly washer, which is available with optimum features and innovative technology. just go continue with this article.

If you live a speedy city life and run on a crowded schedule, a clothes washer is a need for your family. If you are looking out for the ideal washing machine that matches your budget and meets the necessity of your family, yes! You have reached the correct place.

With top-notch characteristics and the most recent innovation, many clothes washers are accessible today in the Indian market. Hence, Choosing the perfect washing machine within your financial plan is quite challenging. So thought to reduce your huge confusion and efforts, we have shared below the top 10 suitable washers which fulfill your needs. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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List of best washing machines under 15000

Onida 7 Kg Fully AutomaticCheck Price
Godrej 6 Kg Fully AutomaticCheck Price
Samsung 6.5 Kg Fully AutomaticCheck Price
LG 7 Kg Semi-AutomaticCheck Price
Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi-AutomaticCheck Price
LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully AutomaticCheck Price
Whirlpool 7 Kg Royal Plus Fully AutomaticCheck Price
Panasonic 6 Kg Fully AutomaticCheck Price
Samsung 8.5 Kg Semi-AutomaticCheck Price
Onida 6.5 Kg Fully AutomaticCheck Price

How We Select Best Washer Under 15000 Buying Guide?

Clothes washers have turned into an inescapable piece of our home hold machines and choosing the right one for yourself can be an errand. Getting to choose a clothes washer in India will rely upon your capacity to examine a few variables and interesting points before a purchasing clothes washer of your decision. Thus, we will see below in brief about things to consider before selecting the best washing machines. 

1. Popular brands available

The most important thing that needs to consider first, that is popular washing machine brands are accessible in India now, such as LG, Whirlpool, and Godrej which are amazing options for top load, while brands like Bosch, Siemens, Samsung, IFB, and Haier and others are perfect options for the front-loading washing machines.

2. Best features Available

We should keep in mind the below best features if available before buying the washing machine. they are,  

  • Wash programs:

Most machines have preset programs like gentle wash for delicate dresses and water level choices hence according to your clothes, we can select the wash programs.

  • Material of the drum:

The drum can be made of plastic or stainless steel. Plastic is durable and can chip and rust while stainless steel tub is more stable with high spin speeds.

  • Temperature Control:  

This will help to dry clothes with ease and remove tough dirt and stains well. This feature is mainly for the winter season.

  • Fuzzy logic:

The Fuzzy logic is used to detect the weight of the laundry and find how much water, liquid, and time is needed for the washing.

  • Time Delay:

The time delay allows you to load the clothes washer and begin it later. This is helpful if you want to evade interference on specific occasions.

  • Spin cycle:

Depending upon the material and the sort of garments you need to wash, the spin cycle, signified by the cycles each moment (rpm) is significant. Delicate ought to just be turned on a spin of 300-500rm, while more vigorous things can go to 1000rpm.

  • Bubble wash:

This feature makes bubbles that go deep penetration into the clothes and gives the best wash quality.

  • LED Display:

This feature is used to know which operation is running easily in the large size displays and shows a few vital paraments like spinning, drying, time and clothes type, and temperature settings.

  • Dryer:

If you live a bustling life and you don’t have time to hang out the washing, a clothes washer with a natural dryer may be an appropriate choice for you.

  • Pre-soak settings:

The pre-soak facility lets you soak the garments for a predefined period, after which the wash cycle begins naturally.

  • Capacity:

If you have a big family or a family of 4, you can go with the machine with a capacity of 6-7kg. if there are few people, then you may need only a smaller machine.

3. Pricing

The cost of the clothes washer is the main consideration with regards to tracking down the right clothes washer. According to your financial plan, how much amount you can pay may likewise slant you towards specific machines.

4. Top load or front load washer

Fully automatic washers are categorized into top-loading and Front-loading washing machines.  The Clothes are loaded from the top side and the drum is positioned upright in the top-load washer. On the other hand, clothes are loaded from the front, and the tub is placed horizontally in this front-load washing machine.

5. Semi-automatic vs fully automatic washer

A semi-automatic washier is a normal or old device and accompanies Two drums, one is for wash and another for drying. Hence, a lot of manual work is needed in this Semi-automatic machine. While the fully automatic washer is a modern device equipped with new features. It makes the washing automatic without any manual intervention.

6. Warranty

It is also an important factor to consider while buying a washer, as most issues may be covered during the warranty period at no extra cost. Likewise, make sure the warranty time and if there is a possibility of a continued warranty also.

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Review of Best Washing Machines Under 15000

1. Onida 7 Kg Fully Automatic

Check Price

Keep your garments looking all-around great for quite a long time with this Onida fully automatic clothes washer. With its 8 wash programs and the Crystal drum innovation, this clothes washer won’t just eliminate messes and soil from your garments, however, it will likewise protect the fabric. To top it off, anti-rust keeps it strong, making it an optimal home machine.

The shock-proof body keeps you shielded from any inadvertent risk, guaranteeing your security. Wash Plus technology and aqua saver feature reduce water utilization. And furthermore, modifies the time of wash cycles to convey a force-effective wash. The magic lint filter collects the lint, hair, and fiber from the clothes separately and gives a lint-free wash.

  • Aqua saver system
  • Budget friendly
  • Less noise
  • Risk of water leaking through the pipe

2. Godrej 6 Kg Fully Automatic

Check Price

If you are searching for an effective top-load clothes washer, this Godrej clothes washer is great for your home. It accompanies 9 wash programs to clean your garments effectively and ideally. In addition, if you have somewhat dirtied garments and you need to wash them immediately, then, at that point its Quick Wash program just requires around 29 minutes to assist with cleaning your garments. Besides, this clothes washer is energy efficient.  

The Turbo 6 pulsator of this machine verified that the water motions are made inside the drum hence, detergent enters your clothes in a perfect way and eliminates dirt thoroughly.  The In-built soak system is used to soak the clothes for 5-8 minutes automatically before beginning the wash cycle, making removal of stubborn stains and giving a perfect laundry.  The child lock system is used to prevent your child from disrupting the wash program. The Acu-wash system is equipped equally with big and small shapes that help to scrub your outfits gently.

  • Quick wash
  • Value for money
  • Washing is great
  • Bit more noise
  • No time displays

3. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

Check Price

This washer features a diamond drum which protects your garments from being damaged.  The monsoon drying technology is to make a strong wind that dries clothes sooner with the use of two holes to draw in air. Thus, a strong spin removes the excess wet. The center jet technology of this Samsung 6.5 kg washing machine stops the tangled laundry and to develops the washing efficiency.  The soft curl design of the drum is designed to wash your clothes very efficiently. These edges are very soft on even delicate clothes.

It features the child lock system to lock the switches hence chosen cycle can’t be altered. The Eco tub clean keeps your washer fresh and new without using tough substances. It also notifies you automatically when it requires cleaning. The magic filter of the washer collects the lint, fiber, hair which prevents your drainpipe from getting clogged up. By using The Quick wash program, we could wash the soiled clothes quickly and effectively.

  • Wash quality is remarkable
  • Strong motor for rotation
  • Value for money
  • More Noise while spinning
  • Water usage is high

4. LG 7 Kg Semi-Automatic

Check Price

Say bye to ugly messes on your garments with this LG top-load clothes washer. With its Spin shower function and collar scrubber, this clothes washer will wash your garments effectively, guaranteeing incredible outcomes. With these 3 wash programs gentle, normal, and strong, you can wash according to the clothes. It successfully collects fiber and build-up from your garments by using a lint filter while washing. It includes a 3-mm plastic cover that has a rat-repellent compound that protects them off. In the air dry system, clothes spin at very high RPM which assists to remove moisture completely from your clothes and lets them dry sooner.   

  • Washing is amazing
  • Light in weight
  • Perfect for small families
  • It does not remove tough stains
  • Bit noisy

5. Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi-Automatic

Check Price

The Whirlpool self-automatic clothes washer will change what you look like at your load of messy garments. Ideal for medium-sized families, this 7 kg clothes washer will make washing garments Stress-free.  In this washer, a large washtub 66L is available with a Deep wash system which gives more space to the clothes for cleaning. Whirlpool 7 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has 3 Wash Programs (Delicate, Normal, and Heavy). Easy mobility can be done because it is equipped with 4 wheels, the machine can be moved around by sliding it with ease.  A very efficient motor 340W provides super quality wash, this motor enough to roll the clothes in all directions giving a thorough cleaning, top of this a waterproof Control Panels fixed.

  • Worth of every penny
  • Spinning is smooth
  • Ease to use
  • Not much capable for removing stains
  • Bit high noise

6. LG 6.5 Kg Smart Inverter Fully Automatic

Check Price

This Fully Automatic clothes washer from LG accompanies a smart inverter motor that makes the apparatus energy proficient. The clothes washer likewise accompanies an inventive Turbo Drum include that assists eliminate the most obstinate messes. It comes with extensive BMC protection that does not allow any objects such as insects, or dust to rust the motor which makes the motor stable.  

The clothes washer likewise accompanies extra factors like Smart Diagnostic, auto-restart functions, and kid lock, adding to your comfort.

  • Value for money
  • No noise
  • Energy efficient since it has inverter motor
  • No fuzzy effect
  • No proper rinsing

7. Whirlpool 7 Kg Royal Plus Fully Automatic

Check Price

This Whirlpool Washing Machine deals with pretty much every, if not all, part of filthy cleaning wash so you are not hindered at all. It claims features, for example, the Power Scrub Technology which makes the kind of anxiety likely to dispose of intense soil from garments, the Hard Water Wash highlight which adjusts the operation of the washer when it is loaded up with hard water, the Spa Wash System which gives garments the delicate therapy, and the Easytech feature which naturally minds any ‘blocks’ in voltage or water conditions through a wash cycle.

The ZPF system of this washer is used to fill up the water in the drum fast than regular even when the water force is as low as 0.017Mpa. Even when this low water force, dynamic technology is used to ensure that there are no detergent residuals on the clothes. The Express wash feature washes the clothes faster than always which helps to save energy and detergent.

  • Ease to use
  • Soak option is avail for better cleaning
  • Produce bit more noise
  • Hard water wash doesn’t work effectively

8. Panasonic 6 Kg Fully Automatic

Check Price

This Panasonic Fully automatic clothes washer guarantees that your garments look new and fresh after each wash. Loaded with high points, this washer dryer gives you clean garments as well as keeps them harm-free. The machine’s stainless-steel drum guarantees your garments are washed in a delicate yet clean manner. The Aqua Beat system assists you with washing constantly even the most difficult soil from your garments. The customized wash program assists you with picking the most fitting wash cycle depending upon the cloth being washed. The washing machine is durable and sturdy since it has a rust-proof body.

The fuzzy control technology cleverly finds the load in the washer and suggests the perfect water level needed for optimal washing. The magic filter, power-off memory, and water magic flow are added features in this washing machine.

  • Low noise
  • Less water consumption
  • Quality of washing is perfect
  • No detergent tray
  • No time display

9. Samsung 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic

Check Price

This semi-automatic Samsung clothes washer is great for your home. It is energy-effective, so you can clean your garments while saving money on your current bill and lessening the harm to the climate. What’s more, it accompanies a magic filter, which keeps your garments build-up free alongside stopping the clogging of your drainpipe. Besides, the Hexa Storm Pulsator with 2 sideboards and 3 rollers tenderly and proficiently thoroughly cleans your garments.   The washing machine is durable and sturdy since it has a rust-proof body. The air turbo drying system is used to reduce the time of drying by rotating the tub at high RPM which removes extra water. It features a buzzer system, that makes a sound at the end of your wash program.

  • Durable
  • Value for money
  • Working smoothly
  • Washing speed is not upto the level

10. Onida 6.5 kg Fully Automatic

Check Price

The Onida T65CGN Washing Machine with its Dynamic Display, an Anti-rust Body, and a Shockproof material guarantees that you can securely wash your clothing easily and comfortably. This home machine gives 8 Wash Programs to wash clothing according to your necessities, and a Magic Filter to eliminate build-up viably.

One-touch operation is a user-friendly feature. The Air dryer and Crystal drum technology are used to eliminate the excess water by improving the spin speeds and moisture from your washed clothes with no harm. Hence, they dry sooner. The wash plus system of this washer allows you to increase the wash load and it is used to wash extra clothes with less water consumption.

  • Budget friendly
  • Less noise
  • Compact machine
  • Cannot wash blankets
  • Very small tub inside


Which brand is best for washing machines?

Whirlpool, LG, Bosch, and Samsung are the most reliable brands of washing machines.

Which washing machine is most reliable?

The most reliable washing machines are Whirlpool 3.9 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer, LG 5.0 Cu. Ft. Mega Capacity Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer, and Samsung 4.5 Cu. Ft. Front Load Washer.

Which washing machine is best top or front?

This is the question asked by many people- which is the best: Top load and front load? There are pros and cons for both, top loader’s main advantage is you do not need to bend to load or unload garments, therefore this is good for a tall person. Top load washer comparable available with lower cost. Front-load washers are best for small high people, front loader gives the best quality wash service but it bit more costly than a top load washer.

Which washing machines should I avoid?

If you see the below mention poor point with some washing in the review section.
1. Spot Low-Quality Washing Machines.
2. Produce noise and vibration of more than 70db.
3. Long wash times.
4. Consume more water and electricity.
5. Cycle mall-functioning.
6. Sort machine life

How long should a washing machine last?

The average lifespan of a washing machine is 10-12 years, but there is some other factor that also effects such as the quality of the washer, usage in terms of hard water or soft water, and the body of the washer made, generally, stainless steel is more durable.

Is it worth fixing a 15-year-old washer?

Strictly so avoid this, now in the market, new washing technology adopted washer is available for saving your time, and As the washer becomes old the quality of washing decreases, old washing machine consumes water and electricity so avoid this, now in the market new washing technology adopted washer are available for saving your time, and money.

The Bottom Line

We have arrived at the end of our article on the best clothes washers under Rs. 15,000 and trust this article has helped you in picking the Product of your necessity. Also, we trust you keep in mind the vital points suggested in this article and make the best buy. We wish you all the best for having it.

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