Best fitness tracker bands in India 2022

fitness tracker bands in india

With changing ways of life and food behaviors, keeping a healthy eating regimen has become quite possibly the dullest errand. That is when a timetable for strong exercise becomes possibly the most important factor. But the main inquiry is how to monitor wellness? The response to this question is the fitness bands.

Yes! Fitness tracker bands are stylish nowadays and for good reasons. They offer exact and basic track progress on your day-to-day proactive tasks like swimming, running, hopping, jogging, cycling, and so forth. They likewise keep you advanced with your pulses and stress levels, along with calories burnt.

Hence, if you are in search of some of the best fitness bands in India, you have arrived at the correct place. In this article, we have offered an examined list of the top 9 best fitness tracker bands according to your budget, needs, and comfort.

List of top best fitness tracker bands in India 2022

OnePlus Smart BandCheck Price
Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Activity TrackerCheck Price
Redmi Smart Band ProCheck Price
Noise Champ Smart BandCheck Price
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6Check Price
OPPO Smart Band WithCheck Price
Mi Smart Band 5Check Price
Tokdis Smart Band 2.3Check Price

1OnePlus Smart Band

Check Price

Oneplus smart band is equipped with a 1.1-inch AMOLED display which carries vivid colors and great contrast. A changeable main tracker plan permits you to change among dynamic dual-Color strap combos. With 13 professional sports modes, you can keep track of all your activities like yoga, cricket, Fat burn, running, etc. also examine your performance with precise stats using fitness-specific metrics.

Check your sleep score (light and deep sleep) to change personal habits and goals to enhance your sleep. An optical oxygen sensor monitors your blood oxygen level thru infrared underside LED sensors. Strong hardware and intelligent algorithms sense your SPO2 precisely to highlight your probable health problems. Since it is 5ATM and IP68 water-resistant up to 50m for 10 minutes, no worry about dust, water, sweat, rain, etc.

2Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Unisex Activity Tracker

Check Price

An amazing mix of sleek plans and special features make the Fastrack Reflex 3.0 smart band an optimal fit for your dynamic way of life. It is Outfitted with 10+ sports modes, this smart band tracks basic performance measurements while you involve in a variety of adrenaline-pumping sports activities. Its inbuilt sleep tracker allows you to screen your sleep routine to further develop sleep quality. Also, this smart band sports a striking dual-tone plan with a full-touch Color display that turns people in their tracks any place you go.

Also, it is Furnished with exact high-signal sensors which allow you to keep track of your heart rate in actuality.

3Redmi Smart Band Pro

Check Price

Redmi Smart band Pro has a large 1.47 AMOLED display which comes with great viewing clarity. Auto-brightness can be adjusted in this band by the ambient light sensor. 110+ Pro workout Modes can be used to track cardio, weight training, Yoga, and outdoor sports. A fitness tracker lets you track everyday activities like calories burnt, heart rate changes, and workout periods among other metrics.

It is driven by LifeQ Health Algorithm which gives in biometric and health systems for wearables.  Moreover, 24 hrs you can monitor your SpO2 levels, heart rate, menstrual health with predictive alerts, sleep quality, and stress levels with precise results. Since it is 5ATM water resistance, you don’t need to worry about sweat, water and etc. This Redmi smart band will come with comfortable magnetic charging which supports battery life that will keep you going for (14 days in normal mode, 20 Days in power saving mode) 2 weeks.

4Noise Champ Smart Band

Check Price

Noise Champ smart band comes with 7 alarms for your kids which lets you give alerts for wake up, mealtime, learning time and etc with 1 notice. It weighs just 18 grams, making it an ideal lightweight band for your kid. Sleep tracker confirms that your kid is getting sufficient rest, utilizing the NoiseFit Assist application. 12 sports mode allows your kid to discover dissimilar ways to stay energetic, since it is IP68 waterproof resistance, you don’t need to bother about sweat, water and etc. This smart band 7-day battery lets your kids have continuous outdoor playtime.

This smart band comes with 50+ kids’ watch faces which allows your kids to show off their fun style from it. Also, keep the monitor on your kid’s essentials by pairing the Noise Champ with your phone. Moreover, 24 hrs you can monitor your SpO2 levels, and menstrual health and track ovulation with precise results.

5Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

Check Price

Xiaomi Mi smart band is furnished with a large AMOLED full-screen display (1.56”) so that we can see bright visuals 50 % larger. Mi smart band boasts 30 fitness modes that let you track your activities like cricket, badminton, HIIT, Zumba, basketball, Kickbox, Gymnastics, boxing, Pilates, etc.

Moreover, 24 hrs you can monitor your SpO2 levels, menstrual health and ovulation, quality of sleep, and stress levels with precise results. You can connect this Mi band to a magnetic charging port with ease. This Mi smart band gives a variety of features like weather forecast, calendar reminders, music playback, idle alerts, etc for your convenience.

6OPPO Smart Band

Check Price

Oppo Smart band has a 2.79 cm big AMOLED screen with a curved layer of strong, scratch-resistant glass. Monitory the inconsistency of oxygen levels in your blood and Fat burn mode gives guidance based on your heart rate. Also, tracks real-time heart rate gives calls and msg alerts and weather reports, set an alarm to get a wake-up vibration, and you can pause and play a song from this smart band if you connect your phone to this band. 

12 workout modes let you track your all workouts like step counts, walking, jogging, etc. Since it is 5ATM + Dust resistant, you can wear this band in the bath, in the pool, or at the beach. Battery life is up to 12 days of use. Since it has 40+ faces, select from it as per your personal style. By using this smart band, if you play your phone sound remotely and you can locate it by sound.

7Mi Smart Band 5

Check Price

Mi Smart band 5 smartwatch comes with a bigger 2.79cm (1.1”) full touch AMOLED display, with this watch, we can continuously keep track of heart rate and sleep levels. With the 11 sports modes, track all-new yoga, rowing machine, jump rope and etc. This Battery runs up to 14 days on a solitary charge. The battery capacity is 125 mAh. PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) is to track all your fitness associated activities.

Stress monitoring keeps track of all your stress levels and women’s health tracking records the menstrual cycle and ovulation stages and offers helpful alerts priorly. This watch has an unlimited face which has features like app alerts, control music, manage your calls, check the climate, Idle notify, locate your phone, etc.

8Tokdis Smart Band 2.3

Check Price

Tokdis smart band comes with a 1.1 full-touch HD Color display with three watch faces. 3 Professional mode helps to track your daily activities like skipping, sit-ups,s and running with precise results. 24 hrs you can Monitor your blood oxygen levels with a revolutionary new sensor, track SpO2 anytime, anywhere, quality of sleep, and heart rate by using this smart band.

On a single charge, the battery will stay up to 3 days. The capacity of the battery is 135 mAh, you can charge this fitness band by USB port without hassle. Since it is IPX7 Water Resistant, you can use this band in the pool, beach, shower, etc.

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FAQ fitness tracker bands in India 2022

Which is the best fitness band available in India?

The best fitness band that is accessible in India is the Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker. It has all that a normal wellness freak looks out for. From a superior plan to fit features, etc, this is a great band for you.

Which brand is the best for the fitness band?

Fitbit is the best brand in India that serves the fitness band in the market. It is one of the best brands that beats all other bands in features.

Which fitness band is the best in 2022?

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker is the best fitness band in India in 2022. If you are looking under the lower price segment, Mi or OnePlus fitness bands are the best brands.

Is Honor Band 5 the best fitness tracker in India?

Honor Band 5 is one of the best fitness trackers in India. When comparing the Honor Band 5 with Band 5i, the latter comes with nearly identical specs but without NFC and less battery life. The Honor Smart band sports a 0.96-inch TFT full touchscreen with modifiable brightness and home button control.

What are the best fitness trackers for everyday use?

A Fitness band aka a Smart band is a wearable tracking device that tracks nonstop your regular activities: steps count, distance traveled, calories burned, sleep quality, blood pressure, and even your heart rate.

The bottom line

We have concluded that all the above 8 best fitness tracker bands listed are good for a strong and fit lifestyle. Fitness tracker band are a consistent mix of design and technology as it adjusts your outfits, track your health, and keep you refreshed about everything around you. Along these lines, go through our above arrangements of the best 8 fitness tracker bands in India and get one for yourself right away.