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Hey! I am Pawan Singh, founder of Egadgetshunt. I love to play with technology working as an automobile engineer. I love also to write tech product reviews and news articles.
How to clean sneakers

How to wash dirty sneakers in the washing machine

Yes, it's possible to wash dirty sneakers in the washing machine know how? Are you going jogging or going gym on regular basis? so...
washing machine filter cleaning

How to Clean Your Washing Machine Filter: Simple Steps

Most clothes washers will have a filter, typically hidden behind a board on the facade of the machine. The channel is intended to get...
washing machine cleaning

How to clean your washing machine: Step by step process

Why do you need to clean your washing machine? Do you ever think cleaning of your washing after of certain of the period...
best washing machine under 10000

Top 10 best washing machines under 10000

Do you feel washing the clothes is quite a boring job? If you are looking for an affordable budget washing machine of the best...
Semi-Automatic Vs fully automatic washing machine- which is best

Semi-Automatic Vs fully automatic- which is best?

Semi-Automatic Vs fully automatic washing machine: Are you searching for a washing machine, and wondering about buying the best new washing machine? That’s a...
best mini portable washer

Top 10 Best Portable Washing Machines 2022

Are you searching portable washing machine? If you are staying in PG accommodation, hostel, or if you are alone or you have a small...
Blaupunkt sbw100 120watts

Blaupunkt SBW100 120W Review: feature specification

Blaupunkt SBW100 120W: We mostly like to listen to music and dance at parties. The soundbar is one of the best options for enjoying...
Top Load Vs. Front Load Washing

Top load vs front load washing machine: Which is best?

Top load vs front load washing machine? Yes! This is the biggest confusion when we planning to buy a washing from the online...
Top 10 Best Washing Machines In India

Top 10 best washing machines in India 2022

If you planning to buy a best washing machine for your home and searching for the best washing machine available in India with the...
How to open whatsapp in Pc

How to open WhatsApp on PC?

Well-known no. one messenger platform WhatsApp is free to use, a multiplatform messaging app that allowed to you make video and voice calls, send...

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